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I Can’t Breathe

Otto Steininger’s tribute to Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and countless other unarmed blacks who keep losing their lives on an ongoing basis to racially biased police or vigilante brutality, made in USA.

57th Society of Illustrators NY

  Very pleased to announce that 3 pieces got accepted into the 57th annual competition at the Society of Illustrators New York. The winning entries were "Reverse Parenting", an animated GIF for a column in The New York Times' Styles section, the animated version of Otto's snow plows New Yorker cover as well as the 21-headed Ebola serpent, for which Otto shares the credits with 20 other illustrators. Click here for a full list.

Reverse parenting: Now that you've raised your kids, it's time to take care of your parents. Icon for a column in The New York Times.  

4 illustrations on women in jail for The New York Times in conjunction with Netflix/Orange Is The New Black. CD: Rachel Gogel
Click here to see the original post on the NYT website, animated with scroll motion