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The Hundred-Foot Journey

Last fall I was invited by producer Juliet Blake to visit the set of The Hundred-Foot Journey in France to get some inspiration for this piece she asked me to create as a gift for the film crew. A signed limited edition print went out to Helen Mirren as well as the actors Om Puri, Manish Dayal, Charlotte Le Bon, coproducers Oprah and Steven Spielberg and of course the director Lasse Hallström. This time I actually had a reason to smuggle in a Citroën DS, because that is the car of Madame Mallory, who is played by Helen Mirren. It had it’s theatrical release in the US in August.

4 illustrations on women in jail for The New York Times in conjunction with Netflix/Orange Is The New Black. CD: Rachel Gogel
Click here to see the original post on the NYT website, animated with scroll motion

The Monitored Man / The New York Times Science section. AD: Peter Morance

Snow Plows

"Snow Plows"/The New Yorker. AD: Françoise Mouly.

The organ thief. One of 4 winning pieces now on view at the Society of Illustrators’ 56th annual show.


"The Otto Cycle". One of 4 winning pieces now on view at the Society of Illustrators’ 56th annual show.

UK food map

One of 4 winning pieces at the Society of Illustrators' 56th annual show which opens in New York on January 10.

cold chain

Refrigeration required: getting vaccines safely to those in need / Rotary International - AD: Deborah Lawrence

While it’s still 2013

While it's still 2013: A New Year’s card for interior designer Laura Gottwald  

Wireless Scooter

Wide area wireless/Corporate Counsel Magazine AD: Morris Stubbs  

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