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Soundcheck Award – James Blake “Overgrown”

The "Soundcheck Award" is awarded by a consortium of German Music critics for the album of the year. Instead of handing out some tacky trophy it was the idea of Kai Müller of the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel to commission Otto Steininger to design a poster which serves as the physical representation of the award. This year it went to James Blake for his album “Overgrown”, which was released in 2013.

57th Society of Illustrators NY

  Very pleased to announce that 3 pieces got accepted into the 57th annual competition at the Society of Illustrators New York. The winning entries were "Reverse Parenting", an animated GIF for a column in The New York Times' Styles section, the animated version of Otto's snow plows New Yorker cover as well as the 21-headed Ebola serpent, for which Otto shares the credits with 20 other illustrators. Click here for a full list.