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2476 boardroom network

boardroom network. the wall street journal, ad: daniel smith

The plight of most New Yorkers: clanging, hissing, leaking radiators. A series of spot illustrations The New Yorker

57th Society of Illustrators NY

  Very pleased to announce that 3 pieces got accepted into the 57th annual competition at the Society of Illustrators New York. The winning entries were "Reverse Parenting", an animated GIF for a column in The New York Times' Styles section, the animated version of Otto's snow plows New Yorker cover as well as the 21-headed Ebola serpent, for which Otto shares the credits with 20 other illustrators. Click here for a full list.

Reverse parenting: Now that you've raised your kids, it's time to take care of your parents. Icon for a column in The New York Times.  

4 illustrations on women in jail for The New York Times in conjunction with Netflix/Orange Is The New Black. CD: Rachel Gogel
Click here to see the original post on the NYT website, animated with scroll motion

The Monitored Man / The New York Times Science section. AD: Peter Morance

Snow Plows

"Snow Plows"/The New Yorker. AD: Françoise Mouly.

UK food map

One of 4 winning pieces at the Society of Illustrators' 56th annual show which opens in New York on January 10.

Wireless Scooter

Wide area wireless/Corporate Counsel Magazine AD: Morris Stubbs  


Widening your audience through blogging/Midwest Airlines. AD: Shane Luitjens