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Contemplating racism in America

This piece, originally intended for the New Yorker, who said:  “Thanks for sending your Kaepernick image. We wish we could use it, but unfortunately […] the timing of our double issue is not working in our favor” was published by the Paris Review instead.  NFL star Colin Kaepernick, by famously kneeling down while the national anthem was played at a game in 2017 (over which he lost his job), created an iconic image of standing up to systemic racism in the US. 

Warby Parker Unveils Otto’s Art in Baltimore Store

Warby Parker recently unveiled Otto's art at their new Baltimore store.

Warby Parker Mural – Baltimore, MD

For more information on the mural, please check out Otto Steininger Facebook page. Otto was honored to get the commission from such a socially responsible company, and join the ranks of artists like Maira Kalman and Geoff McFetridge (whose art is featured at other Warby Parker locations). Warby Parker donates money to their portfolios of charities that train others in providing glasses, as well as buying materials to make and sell glasses. Instead of outright donating glasses, they're equipping people in economically distressed areas with the tools they need to find a career. Aside from eye care, the Warby Parker stores encourage literacy. Their employees all get a copy of Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums when they begin working there. The FAQs on the Warby Parker website has other book recommendations. The retail locations have more books to peruse if you're interested. We hope that the people coming into the Baltimore store will enjoy the artwork as much as Otto enjoyed creating it!

2476 boardroom network

boardroom network. the wall street journal, ad: daniel smith

Trending Colors

For the longest time people from both sides of the political spectrum thought they could laugh him off, including myself. But Trump is no laughing matter. Even if he doesn't secure the Republican nomination, let alone become President, he has already done a lot of damage by telegraphing that it is now OK to be openly racist and xenophobic, insult large parts of the population, and worst of all, by giving that most insidious brand of racism an unprecedented boost: thanks to Trump, white supremacism is now a "trending color".

The plight of most New Yorkers: clanging, hissing, leaking radiators. A series of spot illustrations The New Yorker

I Can’t Breathe

Otto Steininger’s tribute to Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and countless other unarmed blacks who keep losing their lives on an ongoing basis to racially biased police or vigilante brutality, made in USA.

Soundcheck Award – James Blake “Overgrown”

The "Soundcheck Award" is awarded by a consortium of German Music critics for the album of the year. Instead of handing out some tacky trophy it was the idea of Kai Müller of the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel to commission Otto Steininger to design a poster which serves as the physical representation of the award. This year it went to James Blake for his album “Overgrown”, which was released in 2013.

57th Society of Illustrators NY

  Very pleased to announce that 3 pieces got accepted into the 57th annual competition at the Society of Illustrators New York. The winning entries were "Reverse Parenting", an animated GIF for a column in The New York Times' Styles section, the animated version of Otto's snow plows New Yorker cover as well as the 21-headed Ebola serpent, for which Otto shares the credits with 20 other illustrators. Click here for a full list.

Reverse parenting: Now that you've raised your kids, it's time to take care of your parents. Icon for a column in The New York Times.  

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